Trac based Webkit commit feed not updating

I’m 100% certain the only person reading the feed in question (… ) however even though I have a premium account and I waited a long while for everything to settle down with the service after the inundation of new users I’m still not seeing any more than 1 day history for this feed.

I’d have at least expected 14 days given what I’ve read elsewhere. As it stands I’m simply not able to replace Google Reader with NewsBlur as it “Doesn’t work”.

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Right click the feed and go to Statistics. That will show you why it isn’t updating. Also try Insta-fetching the feed. That should kickstart it, although you shouldn’t need to ever do this.

All 200s and frequent updates according to the stats page but the visible feedin newsblur has only 54 items (scrolled downwards until the little blue flashing bar at the bottom of the list was staying gray) - around 1 day back - while Google Reader sees 233 articles since April 29th.

Feed Fetch (full content, nothing more, I assume you just show 5 items and it’s coincidence).
2013-05-02 11:47:40 OK (200)
2013-05-02 11:46:52 OK (200)
2013-05-01 11:05:04 OK (200)
2013-05-01 09:55:58 OK (200)
2013-05-01 08:43:52 OK (200)

Hey Samuel I still have this issue and it’s not just with the Webkit feed. Arstechnica full text feeds have the same issue. It makes my premium account useless to me at this point and July 1st is fast approaching. :frowning:

Account deleted. Switched to Feedly as it actually works. Waste of time and money.