toggle "all stories" / "unread only" without going into "filter options" button

It would be super convenient to be able to toggle between toggle “all stories” / “unread only” without the extra click with the “filter options” button button (which only has two child items) .

Actually, a keyboard shortcut would be even better.


I would also find a keyboard shortcut to be extremely useful.

Take a look at the list (hit ?) and make a suggestion. I’d be open to this, certainly.

How about L (L = story "L"ist).

“h” and “l” are the same as Left Arrow and Right Arrow, so it would have to be Shift-L (which may be what you meant by “L”).

I’d say Shift-U, since it’s a like a higher-level Read/Unread toggle.

Good point re: “l” = h & l.

Shift-U is also already used - by hide/unhide folder list.

Shift-L it is. :slight_smile:

Agree that a top-level button on the web interface would be extremely useful.

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Thanks for bumping this! Just deployed it. Shift+L it is! Super handy and one of those I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-launch-it-sooner features.


THANK YOU!!  Awesome… works!