Time-limited "Mark as read" option?

I’m sure that you’re probably sick of “but this is in Google Reader” suggestions, but any chance on an incremental mark as read option (only marking items older than a day as read, for example)?

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This exists. Go to Manage > Mark All as Read, and you can choose how many days back you want to go.

Excellent! Newsblur keeps showing depths and getting better each time I use it.

Is this an action or a setting? The call to action seems to be “Do It”, which I am afraid to press :slight_smile:

What I’d like to see is such an option on-demand. Site > Right Click > Mark All As Read > All, Older than 1 day, Older than a week, etc.

Great idea. I’m heads-down in backbone-ification of the entire front-end right now, so I’m not able to implement this now. I’ve got it on the list.