These characters displaying in the text: Â

In text view, on a few feeds, these display…  Â
Can’t figure out their in place of or why their showing up…
Thanks for the help!


I also have the same issue this of course only happens with special characters. However there is no issue in feed mode.

Hope this help

Yes, unfortunately feed view rarely shows enough of a posts content. I never use it!
Text view is the only way!
Really hope a fix is on the way…

So this definitely shouldn’t be happening. I just introduced a change by a NewsBlur user, about a month back. Is that when this started? Can I have the url for the feed?

Not seeing it on any now expect:

I’ve noticed this quite a bit in Feed view (my preferred view) recently, e.g. 

‘Pivot’ has become passĂŠ, but itâ€TMs much worse to assume that distribution will solve something core to your product that isnâ€TMt working.


Site ID:

I’m working on a deep upgrade that may change this. I recommend coming back in a few days to let me know if it’s fixed or still an issue. It looks like this may have to do with how feeds are downloaded (and somewhere they are being decoded incorrectly).

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Thanks Samuel, I’ll keep an eye on that feed in particular and let you know if I notice any difference.


These unicode issues should now be taken care of. Only stories that come in after today will be fixed, but it’s possible some older stories are fixed as well.

If you spot anything amiss, please let me know the url of the site so I can investigate. Thanks for reporting this!

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I’m still seeing those characters:
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same here:…

Feed mode OK, text mode, jibberish only.


Hi! Also same on here (only Text-Mode):


It’s back again for me as well. However the text is good in feed mode but not in text mode.…