articles appear twice in feed

For the last few weeks, every article from has been appearing twice in the feed, each with the same time stamp (although the second copy will only appear some time after the first). The duplicates do not appear in the feed.

This happens in both the web version as well as the Android app; I am not able to verify if it happens on the iPhone app.

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Ok, there’s some fishy about their feed, as they are undoubtedly caching it. But they have both an http and https server doing the caching, which is changing the story permalink. I changed the feed url to only use https, which may stop the issue. But it really comes down to them, as they are inadvertently caching two different urls.

By the way, NewsBlur has a duplicate detector that is wonderful, but it only runs on stories > 200 characters. Which is why these aren’t being properly de-duped.