The search function is not working

The search function is not working to me. Hi, I have premium account.

My username is marceloparahyba.


Just checked and it’s working and processing search queries for users. What feed are you trying to search? What’s the address bar url when you open the site on the web?

Samuel, please see the print screen.



The search is not working to me.

Yeah, that’s weird. It wasn’t indexed, and I’m not sure why it didn’t index automatically for you. I manually indexed it, but I’m wondering why that didn’t work for you. Is it just this feed or any others?

The search function is not working to all feeds!

Looks like search indexing broke on June 21st! I fixed it and everybody’s searches are now indexing. Sorry about that, you should now be all set!

(Give it 15 minutes to catch up)

Samuel, i still have problems with the search function.
It is working just for same feeds.

Can you help me?

I also have feeds where the search isn’t working:

There are probably more but I found those from a quick check.