The menu bar in the footer disappears with Chrome StumbleUpon toolbar on

I’m using chrome, on Windows 7.

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Seems like a bug with StumbleUpon. It’s part of the website, so why is StumbleUpon covering it? Also, it’s designed to be taller than the status bar in case it does get covered, so can you reach the top-most part of the buttons?

I took a quick look at the source and it seems StumbleUpon injects an iframe in the body tag with a height of 32px. But your app maintains whatever height it had before the stumbleupon toolbar was injected.

Therefore the bottom of your app is pushed off the page and the last 32px of NewBlur which includes the “Manage NewsBlur” and “Add sites” dissapear since they are less than 32px.

You’re better at CSS than I am so i’ll leave it to you to figure out the best approach.