The loading of new stories never completes when I hit 'r'.

Situation: I’m on All Site Stories, showing Unread/Oldest, and then read through all the stories. Then I let the tab sit for a while, and eventually some new stories show up in the sidebar. When I hit ‘r’ to reload/refresh, the reload never completes. There is a blue pulsating bar at the top of the Story Titles pane that never goes away. If I hit the browser reload button, Newsblur reloads fine and shows me those stories.

This problem just seems to have started today, but it is very consistent today.


I have another user with the same issue. Probably related to last night’s new Full view, which rewrote quite a few parts of the feed loading pipeline. Let me take a look.

Try again now. Not guaranteed to work, but I just fixed some possibly unrelated bugs to how feeds load.

I’ve been having the same problem, in the list view. “r”, or attempting to see globally shared stories, just hangs and never completes. It is still doing it.

Rebooting the server (as you mentioned in the other thread) seems to have solved this (I was the poster above).

Daniel - Cahwyguy

Working for me now. Thanks, Samuel!