The iOS app swipe to next story slows down after reading a lot of stories

I noticed that it gets harder and harder to swipe left/right to the next story after reading a lot of stories.  If I “swipe up” and kill NewsBlur, then start it again it is really easy and fast to swipe left/right to read stories.

This is very repeatable, and I would guess somewhere around 500 stories read before it’s really noticeable.  If you open a folder with a lot of unread items, then just swipe, swipe, swipe, you’ll start feeling the slowdown.  It’s almost like it doesn’t recognize the finger press right away, or there’s a delay before the animation showing the page swiping to the side.

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I’m having this exact experience also. iPad Pro. Latest NewsBlur. iOS 9.3.3 I’m in landscape mode reading all stories. I’d say it starts happening a lot sooner than 500 read. Maybe more like a hundred, but like John said killing NewsBlur seems to “reset” it and it works properly for a while. It’s so annoying I’ve really given up on changing stories that way and use the hardware keyboard or the next button.

Definitely can tell after a 100 or so, but the more stories, the more obvious the delay is.  Also, happens in portrait mode and landscape for me.  But mostly I use portrait.

We’ll get this fixed, but does it reset after you exit a folder and go into another folder? Or is to 100 total stories, maybe spread across a dozen feeds and folders that does it?

Thanks Samuel!

I just tried swiping several folders with about 400 total unread that I hadn’t gotten to and it doesn’t appear to reset when leaving one folder and going to another.  The delay seems to be attached to any swipe attempt in any folder, whether the current, previous, or next story is unread or not.

I’ll jump in on this and stay that I’ve had this same problem; occurs < 100 stories and it continues if I go into different folders/feeds/etc.  Came across this thread looking into another issue but definitely am curious about this one also.  Has been ongoing for months.

We now have a ticket for this issue, which means it’ll get fixed soon: