The Importance Of NOT Censoring

Something happened in 2012. The human race began experiencing a shift in consciousness which is now being referred to as “The Great Awakening.” Those in power at the very top are well aware of this awakening and whenever this has occurred in the past, have always managed to silence people so they could maintain their power. That is not the case today because we have the internet. Every single person who wishes to remain a free and sovereign citizen, whether you already are right now or not, needs to be a supporter of censor-free communication and only support websites that do not censor content and free speech. The idea that corporations censor the public as a means of “keeping them safe,” is just another deception to keep the .001% in power. They also wish to permanently enslave and imprison the entire human race. We are experiencing numerous depopulation events simultaneously as a means of thinning the herd and silencing the masses because of this awakening. It is important for all human beings to be part of the solution that opposes censoring and not part of the problem. I just wanted everyone to keep that in mind. If Newsblur censors content then you will be sure to find this topic deleted in the next 24 hours.

You’re not the first to ask and I’m glad that I have an opportunity to state my position. NewsBlur will fetch, parse, and store any valid feed URL you give to it and there are only a few cases where I have prevented NewsBlur from reaching a certain server and that’s when a particular publisher requests removal. The source code for NewsBlur is open and I encourage you to audit what’s being stored and filtered.

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