The Green Dot a Bit Hard to Differentiate

I find the green dot used to tag an article that has been trained as interesting to me to be somewhat difficult to recognize on both the Mac and iPad. The red dot is more easily recognizable.

May I suggest making the green more green (It’s currently 102, 172, 50) and/or make the dot’s circle larger. This is even more of a problem on the iPad version.

Once an article has been read, the green is nearly indistinguishable from the grey (coming in at a bleak 243, 242, 222). That makes is extremely difficult to go back and find that interesting article one has already read.

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I actually just bumped up both the size and saturation of the green dot two weeks ago. If you want to single out the green stories, just hit + (which moves from Unread to Focus).

I’m red/green colorblind (about 1 in 10 males are colorblind, with red/green being most common). I would suggest differentiating by something other than color.

I hear you, but I don’t agree that I cannot use color to differentiate between two levels. It’s supposed to be a subtle effect, as they are both unread. One is just at a higher level, and you should be using the unread/focus segmented control to adjust between them.