The Chive RSS feed when clicked on brings up the actual site and not just the headlines for the stories. Please fix.

In the list of feeds I have The Chive as one of my feeds. When I click on it, it opens up the actual site and takes me away from NewsBlur. Can you please make the proper changes to fix this please.


I have this same exact problem. Don’t know what’s different about The Chive, but it navigates automatically, away from NewsBlur.

Hmm…just tried it and don’t seem to have a problem. What feed are you using?… seems to work fine. is the one I just tried and it did the exact same thing

Hmm, both feeds work for me. May be something is Preferences. My settings are as follows:

Let me try this and I will post what I get.

Odd… I made the changes to what yours is and same thing. As soon as I click the Chive feed on the left it jumps right to the full page and out of newsblur. It’s really annoying since I have to use the newsblur iphone app to look at the chive then.

Methinks you don’t need tech support. You need an exorcist!

I’m running Chrome on Win 7. Have you tried a different browser to see if that changes things? Maybe a browser setting to open links in new tabs? Maybe delete cookies? I dunno, I’m not much of an expert on this stuff.

Check to make sure you are using the Feed or Text view. I’ve sometimes had weird things happens when using Story View.

Right click on the feed and go to Site Settings. Switch it from Story/Original to Feed. That’s the only view that will work with this feed.

That worked Sam… much appreciated for your help. Thanks to everyone for helping and contributing to figure this out.