Text Only View Mobile

Readability integration on iOS and Android apps. It would be nice to have a text only view like what is available online on the mobile apps. This is one of the features the reeder app had that I really miss in the Newsblur app.


As far as I understand how Newsblur works, the processing is done on the server side, i.e. text-view on the Web-Client also loads the view from the server, and does not process the item on the client side (javascript). This should in my view make it simple to provide the text view also on the mobile clients. Today I start evaluating Newsblur and switching form “Press” as Android GR client and the “Readability View” is something I use very, very frequently… i.e. this is a must have for me.

This would be really fantastic. As it is, the iOS experience is quite jarring for sites that don’t include full articles in their feed. The web version’s implementation nails it and is exactly what I would want.

This is truly one of the only things holding the iOS app from being perfect for how I read my feeds. I’d love to see it.

I would really like this as well. With the display (and often network) limitations on mobile, story view is even more important there than on the desktop. PLEASE bring this feature to my Nexus 7!