Text not updating / displaying like usual

Hello…I have noticed the past few days that when I click on a story, the “fetching text” progress banner moves (slowly) and once complete, stories aren’t showing. This is very noticeable since I have used the “Text” display mode since joining Newsblur over a year ago. Typically, articles are already loaded and jump up quickly, or, if not loaded, load much quicker and then display. The only way I could get my news to display lately is to click over to the “Feed” or “Article” presentation mode. I prefer the “Text”

Normally, Newsblur operates amazingly well. I hope this is a simple problem to fix.

Thank You.

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I’m not sure what the issue is. I’ve heard reports of various calls failing for whatever reason, but I see nothing on my end and can’t reproduce it.

If there’s anybody out there who can shed light on what happens to a broken call, whether it times out, gives a 502 error, or something else entirely, I would love to know. I’m not sure if it’s my servers or something in between.

I just logged into newsblur.com via Chrome instead of the usual Firefox, and your system operated normally, if not quicker. Anectdotally, it appears something related to Firefox.

FYI, Firefox 32.0.2, Macbook Pro, Retina, OSX 10.9.5, Chrome used: Version 37.0.2062.122

Internet: Charter speedtest.net verified 30mbps down / 4.5+ mbps up.

In my Firefox, I have the settings that automatically delete all cache on closing, so that likely isn’t it.

For now, I’ll just read my feeds on Chrome until a resolution on Firefox. I also use your iPad and Android phone apps. They (just now) appear to be working normal for me.