Text is bold everywhere

I suspect this is a Chrome browser issue. I first noticed it on a single computer that I access Newsblur from. Now it has propagated to another computer. Both are running Win7 64 bit. Per About, I am running Chrome Version 37.0.2062.103 m (up to date).

All the RSS feed titles in the left hand side are bold text. All the text on the home page is in bold. All the story titles/descriptions in the feed list are bold. I find it a little more challenging to figure out which stories are now unread vs read.

Is this intentional, or some weird CSS issue with Chrome? IE is not showing same bold text.

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So have you recently installed any Adobe products? This is a known issue where Adobe hijacks one of the fonts NewsBlur uses.

I think the only Adobe product installed is the Flash player in Chrome. I don’t see anything from Adobe in Programs and Features.

I disabled Flash in the browser, closed, and re-opened. Still looks the same.

Should I check anywhere else for Adobe?

Some recently installed product is eating your fonts. Just need to figure out which one.

I see this too. Win8.1 x64, Chrome latest, no adobe stuff

It seems to have to do something with Lucida Sans and Chrome’s font rendering…

It looks much, much better under IE11.

Same problem. No Adobe products.
Win 8.1 64-bit, Firefox and IE.

I’ve got my copy of IE11 open and it’s looking fine. Anybody who has this issue and has access to the developer console able to see what’s going on with the font?

font-family: “Lucida Sans”, “Lucida Grande”, Verdana, “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Sam, see my screenshot above. The font-family matches; and like I’ve said, it happens in Chrome, looks fine for me too on IE11.

I have this same problem in Chrome. I closed Chrome yesterday because Full Text articles weren’t loading, and reopened it (found that often resolves that issue). Upon reopening it, everything is bold now. The only thing I installed yesterday was JRE5 and JRE6.

An idea: try installing my theme: https://userstyles.org/styles/104488/…

If the problem disappears then Samuel can compare it with the original, and it might help him find the source of the problem.

BTW: Chrome recently updated its rendering engine, especially the text part. Maybe that’s why this problem came up from nowhere.