Tested.com feed broken

I’m hardly surprised, Netvibes has problems with it as well so it’s not all on you, the original feed has some kind of a problem with it. That said, firefox renders correctly and when I tested in Google Reader it worked fine.

Here is the feed url: http://www.tested.com/feeds/

What happens is that the only item to ever show up in the list is the very latest post, it’s also never marked as unread.


Same problem here. I posted in the Tested forums a link showing that their feed doesn’t validate, but given Will Smith’s dismissive attitude towards RSS, I’m not holding my breath :slight_smile: http://www.tested.com/forums/bug-repo…

Yea, also posted over there. Twice actually, for two different readers…

As you said though, Smith’s thoughts on RSS have me with little hope for anything on their end. Funny, considering their twitter account is usually something like a day late with posts.