TeeFury Feed Problem

I am having a problem with the feed from TeeFury. The feed works in google reader, but not newsblur. The feed only show 4 articles from the past 3 years.


Sure, I’d love to fix it. Do you have the URL of the feed? Alternatively, just the URL in NewsBlur when you load the feed?


Thanks for looking into this.

Take a look at the feed validator: http://validator.w3.org/appc/check.cg…

It’s certainly a valid feed, but notice that the links all go to the same place. In other words, the feed is telling me that it’s the same story 7 times, so NewsBlur only saves 1 version of it. It is explicitly saying that the story id is the same as other stories. It would be akin to changing content in a story but keeping the same ID, so we would want to update the correct story.

Thanks Samuel. Not exactly sure what I am suppose to do with this information. Is there work to be done on the NewsBlur side, the feedburner side, or nothing because it just will not work?

The thing to do would be to contact TeeFury with this information and ask that they fix their feed. If I understand correctly, at this point the ball is in their court.

That’s your best bet. They have to correct the feed’s story ids.