Tag The People Have Spoken blurblog stories with the site they come from

Can you please tag stories on the The People Have Spoken blurblog with the site they come from? All the XKCD stuff comes through there, but I already subscribe to that in separate feeds. There aren’t any keywords or distinct authors to filter TPHS on, so I’m stuck checking the feed every time it’s new to see if it’s something I actually care about.

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You can use intelligence on blurblogs.

Yes, but there’s nothing to use intelligence on to filter out reblogged sites. There aren’t any keywords that say “this came from XKCD”, there aren’t any tags, and there’s no author.

My request is to add a tag for the site the article was reblogged from so I actually have something to point the intelligence trainer to.

Sure is, see this screenshot:

Ah-ha! I see the difference! I was subscribed to the TPHS RSS feed, which includes none of that. I didn’t realize there was a special follow button and UI mechanism and everything for subscribing to blurblogs.

Yeah, that’s bitten a few people. I subscribe to my own blurblog to test the RSS feed, but it’s not quite the same as a real follow. Maybe I should do something about that…

So I downvoted “everything by xkcd.com” on in the Popular intelligence trainer, but that also carried over to my XKCD RSS feed, so now instead of only seeing the comics in one place, I see them in neither! Any ideas?