Tag shared stories

It would be really useful if you could tag stories shared on my blurblog and offer RSS feeds per tag.

I keep track of a lot of different topics and I’d like to share certain topics with some people without boring them with my other interests.

In my case it would be okay if my personal saved tags are used, but some people might have problems with that.

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So saved stories do have RSS feeds, fitlered by tag. That might work?

Yup, that’s my suggestion at least. Perhaps a tag cloud or a list of tags going with the tags corresponding with the item to make tags discoverable.

The only thing that’s a bit dubious in this case is that tags are something that you get when saving items, so now you *must* save something (in order to tag it) and share it. Now you could also offer the tags on shared (but not saved) items, the big question would be if they are the same as the saved tags or are they something completely different…

Or is tagging something completely orthogonal to saving and sharing (but since they only matter when you save/share something you only get the option to tag something if it’s at least saved or shared).

But I haven’t looked at the newsblur model to see how tags fit in to it.

Sure, it seems to me that both sharing and saving (with tags) would fit what you’re looking for quite well. Handy that they are right next to each other as well.