Syncing Android app often takes > 5 minutes

When I open the Android app, it hasn’t yet gotten new stories or cleared read items. Refreshing often takes > 5 minutes, even on a good wifi connection.


That should not be the case. I have 10,000 unreads over 300 feeds and 300 blurblogs and it takes no more than 10 seconds for me.

I am working on pushing out an updated Android app later today, so we’ll see. It should fix some bugs around syncing, but the time taken has been fixed as of a couple weeks ago. My recommendation is to just uninstall the app and then reinstall it. That clears the database and can usually solve tricky issues like this. Let me know. I definitely want to get this fixed.

Reinstalling the app reduced sync times to ~15 seconds.

Awesome, but that’s still too long. Do you have iOS by any chance? I want to know what the sync time is for you on iOS.

I don’t have iOS, but I’ll more carefully time the next several syncs I do and report back. That 15 second estimate was me counting Mississippi’s…