Sync Profiles

I’d like to be able to select the feeds I want to sync with each device.

There are several reasons why I wouldn’t want to see all my Newsblur feeds on all devices:-

(a) I simply prefer to read certain feeds only on my laptop/desktop
(b) I want to use some feeds only whilst I’m mobile but rarely on my desktop
© Some feeds are not suitable to read on a mobile device
(d) Some feeds may be NSFW
(e) Syncing a large number of feeds can be slow on a mobile device (especially on 2G) and/or eats in to my month;l mobile data allowance.

I would suggest this can be achieved easily by implementing “Profiles” and allowing Feeds to be associated with one or more Profiles. This would allow users to create Profiles based on device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc) or location (home, office, etc) and so on.


I’ve thought about this, specifically for offline caching. Trouble is, next to nobody would use it, so it’s hard to justify the developer time cost.