Switching to PayPal caused early payment

I went to update my payment info and chose to switch over to PayPal. The instructions said that it wouldn’t charge me until March when my subscription renews, but it charged me now anyway. Can I get this extra charge refunded?


Unfortunately Paypal doesn’t have the kind of granularity that Stripe does. When you switch to Paypal (99% of the time it’s somebody switching from paypal to stripe), I have to charge you immediately or the subscription won’t begin. Your expiration should reflect that.

If you’d like to get refunded, please email me your username: samuel@newsblur.com

So, the expiration according to PayPal is now one year from when it just charged me. However, my next charge according to NewsBlur is officially March 2016. Will I actually get charged in Sept 2015 or March 2016?

If you cancelled the Stripe payment, then you will be charged one year from now, extending your premium by another year. It won’t really come into effect unless you were to cancel your renewal.