Switching from CC to PayPal will mess up subscription time

I switched from CC to PayPal.
My original renewal date was March 16th 2021. PayPal says the next renewal is Nov 4th 2021.
The page says still March 16 2021, and all of them are wrong. If I am charged now, it needs to extend for 1 year AFTER the current expiry date and not either 1y after today or the original CC date. :expressionless:


So here’s the story with this bug. If you check right now, NewsBlur has corrected your expiration date to 2022, which is beyond what you paid for. But the process that does the extension happens after the payment, so there’s this brief time where you see the old date and eventually a new date will come in. A long winded way of saying you should now be OK and finding the root of this bug seems to me like more trouble than it’s worth. But in an ideal world I’d find time to fix it.

Thanks, Samuel, it updated!

For me, a little note under the payment options that any changes will take some time to update and discrepancies can take a day to correctly resolve themselves would set good expectations to what’s ahead :slight_smile:

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