Swipe to mark as read - wrong item

Hi, I’ve been having an issue as of upgrading to 11.1 on iOS (iPhone 8).

When swiping left on a story in the All Stories feed, often the marking as read registers on a different item, usually the one that’s two or three down in the list but sometimes above the swiped item.

It’s not every time though - I haven’t worked out the trigger for the issue but it seems to tend to happen early after the feed has refreshed.

Thanks for having a look!

I have also observed this intermittently after updating to 11.1 on an iPhone 8 (running iOS 15.3.1).

Updated to iOS 15.4; issue still occurs intermittently.

Let’s figure this one out. If you have any context clues as to why it’s happening, like just returning to the app and it’s downloading stories, or anything that could help us identify why there’s a disconnect.