Support for Reeder, Mr. Reader and other third-party reader apps

I’ve been using Reeder on iOS & Mac for years now and in a perfect world I wouldn’t have to change to a new client. I saw that Mr. Reader posted some reasons why they can’t use the Newsblur API in their app:…

Do you have plans to work with any other third-party reader apps? Reeder, Mr. Reeder, and NetNewsWire are all obvious candidates.



While Reeder (which I use on my iPhone) now has Newsblur support, Mr. Reader, arguably the best RSS reader for the iPad, still doesn’t. While I love Newsblur, especially its story view, this lack of Mr. Reader support is unfortunately a deal breaker for me.

Dear Newsblur dev, would it be possible to collaborate with the Mr. Reader dev and sort out the issues?

I would love to but I think that the Mr. Reader dev doesn’t like NewsBlur for some reason. The issues he addressed in that post weren’t correct and after I emailed him how to do everything he wanted to do he hasn’t gotten back to me. 

Reeder, ReadKit, and even the official NewsBlur app can all handle caching of stories for offline reading just fine. And I’m happy to build any endpoints he wants, although I built a few for Reeder and Readkit, which means he probably won’t even need anything new. I wish he would consider, but I have a feeling he isn’t investing much into his reader anymore.

I agree with Samuel here, the dev at Mr. Reader may have stopped development of Mr. Reader. It’s not clear as to why, it could be he’s working on a brand new version but that doesn’t explain why he is so quiet for the past several months. 

Regardless, I’m using Unread on my iPad and NewsBlur works just fine there. So, ReadKit, Reeder, and Unread, all fine. I suspect Mr. Reader has not given NewsBlur another chance in the two years since his last blog post. 

He has just pushed out a iOS9 update for Mr Reader so he’s still working on it. I would love to get this resolved as it was my app of choice when i used Feedly