Support for Press on Android?

Press is an excellent Android RSS app originally with GReader integration. They’ve recently expanded to access Feedbin and Feed Wrangler with promise to expand to other RSS aggregation services. I’ve already sent a feature request to their team to add Newsblur integration but thought I might as well make the request here. Any possibility? I love Newsblur and have already become a supporter, I just love the fluidity of Press on Android and wish I could keep using it. Thanks for the service!


For NewsBlur, which has a number of features (training and social) other readers don’t, the NewsBlur Android app is the best choice for reading NewsBlur. It’s vertically integrated and is about to receive a major update soon.

I still think Press is a better front end on Android to RSS feeds. As a paid NewsBlur user, I would like to see Press available in addition to your own NewsBlur app -especially for PAID NewsBlur users.

I would love to support Press, and I’ve talked to Jordan Beck (Press’ developer) about it, but he doesn’t have the time to support adding new services.

Let him know you would love to see NewsBlur support. He’s on Twitter at @jordansbeck. CC @newsblur with your tweet so I know about it. More tweets, the more likely it is to happen.

Done and done. I’m hoping something can be agreed on, I much prefer Newsblur premium to Feedly.