Summary View for quicker article skimming

It would be nice to have a fourth view. Maybe a summary view. I’d like to have the title only list thats currently in the bottom of the feed view be full screen and give me the expanded detail view on enter, then the full view on another enter. I usually like to just scan my rss list quickly to see if anything stands out. Especially after I’ve read all the green stories with your current intelligence trainer (which is awesome btw). Just thought I’d throw it out there. I’m currently dragging the bottom view up to almost full screen and using the keyboard shortcuts to skim through titles, stopping on interesting ones, but it requires readjusting the top frame to try and match a “viewable” area for the description content. It would be sweet if I could imbed that data below my cursor to read, and then move along.

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This is a tremendous idea. Although, I’m not sure if I would want to build this. Doesn’t the story titles pane on the bottom, if you could move it around, accomplish this? You can already have the Feed view show only a single story at a time (under Manage > Preferences). Granted, it doesn’t collapse the inactive story titles to make room for the story content (something Google Reader does that I always hated. The height of a story is variable! You lose the exact location of the next story after EVERY SINGLE STORY. It’s maddening to me.)

This is effectively Reader’s interface, is it not?