Successful proxy but still gives up and provides error

Lately I’ve been getting errors with Newsblur where Newsblur CAN proxy the original story, but thinks it can’t and gives up.

Specifically, I get the page to fully show up, and then when the progress bar (“fetching story”) reaches completion, it switches from “Story” to “Text” display mode with the error message “SORRY, THE ORIGINAL STORY COULD NOT BE PROXIED.” (Despite the fact that it perfectly proxied the site and I could read it except it navigated away!)

If I hit Left then Right (switch to “Text” manually" and then back to “Story”) then everything works, but I have to do this for every entry, e.g. if I go to the next comic I have to do it again, and if I go back to the previous comic I have to do it again.

See images…
Proof of success:

Error/Auto switch to text:

If I switch to text and then back to Story everything looks good (even after “loading” finishes)

This only happens on some sites. (Some legit can’t be proxied, some legit work perfectly with proxying, but don’t have examples right now)
If it matters, this site is El Goonish Shive

More sites that repro the error above:

I’ve been getting this lately too on Ctrl+Alt+Del

Made worse by the fact that it switches to the text view which extracts the wrong image as the content. (Grabs a small image from the sidebar, rather than the main comic one)

It’s been happening for me with pretty much every webcomic I read that I use Story for, for a while now.

I’ve got this slated to be fixed right after I ship the new asset pipeline, which hopefully will be later today.

Ok, just pushed a fix. Let me know how that works out. All I did was change it so that it would not kick you out of the Story view (and show the accompanying error message).

Seems to be working properly now! Thanks :smiley:

Looks like it’s working