Subtitle not appearing in Feed view

Hi - the feed for one of my subscriptions (Search Results for “-[jdsupra” – parterre box) doesn’t load the article subtitle within newsblur feed view. The article title and actual body content loads properly, but the subtitle is typically integral to the content and it doesn’t appear unless you clickthrough to view original. Thoughts? Thanks!

Any chance you can post a screenshot? Also check that you have content previews enabled, an option in the popover that says Unread * Newest in the top right of the story titles list.

See screenshots; the subtitle I’m talking about is the sentence “On Thursday…”

Yes, I think I have content previews enabled…

Ahh, this is related to the Text/Story view. It looks like Mercury Parser doesn’t find the subhead. Best bet is to create a custom parser for the site at Mercury, which is non-trivial but not too hard either.