"Subscriptions" folder not loading items

On newsblur, I keep almost all my feeds in the single “subscriptions” folder. Normally, I’ll select that when I log in, and read through them chronologically.

Today, the list of unread items starts to load, then changes to a blank, half-gray screen with the newsblur logo.

Loading individual feeds seems to work fine.

I use Firefox on Windows 7; I also tried this in Chrome with the same result. For Firefox, I also cleared cookies and logged in again, no change.

I saw a similar issue further down with the “all site stories” button; I’m guessing this is related but I’m not sure. Newsblur AKA is JMFrank.

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Yes it is related. Fixed it (the misbehaving feed was SBNation, which has just been insta-fetched to resync it to Redis).

Seems to be cleared up now - thanks.