Subscribing to feed adds wrong feed to subscription list.

I noticed that one of the feeds I was subscribed to was the Comments feed for the site instead of the news feed. “Comments for Inspiredology”. So I removed the subscription, found the news feed URL ( and subscribed to it.

After adding the specific news feed it shows back up in my subscriptions list as “Comments for Inspiredology”. I wondered if the feed was just messed up so I pulled it down and examined it, I can’t find any of the items that are showing in NewsBlur in the actual news feed so I believe NewsBlur is adding the wrong feed (the comments feed) to my subscriptions even though I’m giving it a different, specific, URL.

Does this make sense?

Here’s the feed: I’m trying to subscribe to.
Here’s the feed I believe I was previously subscribed to that it keeps reverting to:

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Bumped by request.

This is absolutely my highest priority right now. See this thread for what I’m going to do about it (hopefully within the next week):…

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