Sub-second Automatic Mark-as-read Timing

In what is probably the most pedantic feature request you’ll ever receive, can we have the ability to configure automatic mark-as-read after a duration that is more fine-grained than seconds? I’ve been going back and forth between 1s and 2s, and the former always feels too quick and the latter too lazy. Milliseconds would be nice, half-second would be acceptable.


I’d prefer the option to mark as read when advancing to the next unread item.

Bradley, if the story is marked as read when you move on to the next story, what happens when you switch feeds? Also, isn’t that the same as the Immediately preference?

For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure Microsoft Outlook (desktop version) allows you to set mark-as-read time as a number like “0.5” seconds. So there is precedent for this exact feature.