Stuck on fetching stories on folder view

This just started happening an hour or two ago so I’m hopeful it’s just a temporary fib, but in any case, if I’m trying to go through feeds by folder (generally I have something like 5 feeds per folder) or by all stories, I get stuck on the fetching stories -phase, the progress bar goes to the end but nothing happens. Loading a single feed, however, has no problems,


This has been happening for me for ages. Hitting the browser’s reload button usually seems to work as a workaround. It’s annoying though.

Restarted the browser since I reported this and the problem seems to be gone, at least for now.

This is happening to me loads. Occasionally it fixes itself but generally I can’t view feeds by folder currently as the progress bar never completes.

So I had a look in Firebug and what seems to happen is everything works fine for a while, then this error occurs:

TypeError: NEWSBLUR.reader.active_folder.folders is undefined…
Line 1499

and from then on, only the first page of each feed loads correctly, everything else just hangs, displaying as if loading forever but in fact it doesn’t even seem to generate a HTTP request.