Strange Things - Feed not my items until after refresh

When I first open newblur, I’m seeing a load of subscribed feeds that are definitely not mine (see attached screengrab). It doesn’t appear to be an old list as some of those listed I’ve never heard of.

However if I refresh the page, it switches to my feeds and everything works fine. Its been like this for the last week or so.

on Google Chrome v51 FWIW.


That’s NewsBlur’s default list and folder structure – shown when someone is logged out.

Wierd - it clearly shows I’m logged in as you can see at the top.

That is a weird one. It means that your cookie was sent correctly when you loaded the original page, but the AJAX call to load the feeds lost the cookie. Is it possible you have any browser extensions running? Perhaps one of them strips cookies? Ad blockers may do this.

OK - I’ll have a look. Might also be a corporate firewall thing as it seems to happen mainly when I’m at work. I’ll try disabling extensions and see if that fixes it.