Strange service slowdown

Sine 2-3 days I’ve been observing NewsBlur serious performance slowdown in terms of reading capabilities.

I normally use down arrow key to change posts in particular feeds and so far I could virtually strike the key as I was playing a FPP game :slight_smile: and the post changed and got marked as read. Since 2-3 days it takes up to 2-3 seconds for a post to change and in many cases it stays unread though.

I’m running Win 8.1 x64 Pro and Firefox 26.0 & 27.0 beta 2 - the issue is present on both browsers. My antivirus app - if that matters - is Kaspersky Internet Security

No changes were made to my system within this time so I believe this issue is related to NewsBlur itself. Anyone can confirm that and advise on appropriate action to take?

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Hmm, I haven’t released anything on the web for about a week, so it’s unlikely to be anything new. Did you install an extension? Try disabling all of your extensions and seeing if it works.

Yep, you seem to be right as I used my other PC to test it (with Internet Explorer, but still…) and there’s no problem with the site.

I’ve already applied the “most popular step to make Firefox work smoothly again” meaning I’ve cleared my cache but it hasn’t helped :frowning: I haven’t installed any new extensions but I can’t tell whether one (or more) of them didn’t get automatically updated. I’ll just test them one by one.

All right - I have a guilty add-on that indeed updated itself in the last couple of days. It’s Linkificator ver 1.6.

After disabling it Newsblur runs as it should. I should then report it to the add-on developer.