Story view not rendering some feeds

I am following a feed from Mozilla org. I noticed recently that the “Story” rendering no longer worked. I can see the same (basic) text in feed and text views, but Story shows the previously viewed feed (the full html-rendered page). This has been consistent over the past few days.

Example page is:…


  • follow the mozilla feed
  • read a non-Moz feed in the folder
  • switch to “story” view for the non-Moz feed (all good)
  • move to a mozilla entry (either by keyboard or mouse)
  • the story view does not update to Mozilla entry, stays on prev entry.
  • move to a different non-Moz entry and story view shows the next page correctly.

Is this a known problem or am I not understanding how the story view should work?


It seems that Firefox 23.0.1 on Windows works just fine, but Iceweasel 17.0.8 (Debian’s version of Firefox ESR) renders nothing.

I’m testing for example on Dilbert Daily Strip (…), but it seems the same issue exists for most (or even all) feeds.

Probably I overrated FF 23.0.1 - It looks like it worked once today, now I see it behaves just like Iceweasel - NewsBlur doesn’t show anyting in story view. I don’t even see browser attempts (in it’s status bar) to contact website referenced by feed (eg.

The original site has an HTTP header that disallows iframes, so it’s hard to detect that it isn’t even working.

gotcha and thanks for the explanation.

is this something that we as users should have noticed without delving into the site in question’s source? or is there a way to signal the header is in place so that users (read: me) are not surprised and thus do not fill up the forum with something that is out of newsblur’s control?

Thank you for a the site & service & support,

  • cce

Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it. Nothing really fills up the forums. I deal with it as it comes by.

Dilbert, mentioned by me before, as well as other feeds I subscribe seem to work correctly now. However I’ve observed such behaviour during last two (maybe three) days.

The problem in Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 seems to be related to HTTPS. If I disable the forced HTTPS option, and manually navigate from HTTPS to HTTP; Story mode renders just fine.

Affects every non HTTPS-feed (most of mine).…

WORK AROUND for Firefox: click the address field badge, and choose to disabling insecure content blocking for the feed domain. You must repeat this for each of your feeds.

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It seems Daniel is right. Disabling insecure content blocking in FF works around the problem.

I have no idea though, why my problems are so intermittent. I have forced SSL in NewsBlur, I’ve always had. And - now, when testing - I can’t find a way to enter NB site without HTTPS, it always redirects me to encrypted version. I haven’t changed anything related to content blocking for months, on all my browsers/computers too.