Story View hosted on newsblur rather than loading original site


I know there are some reasons for doing this such as issues that come up when mixing http and https, and sites that are set up not to be loaded in iframes for whatever silly reasons. But those are honestly not problems I run in to a lot, having story view be a copy saved on newsblur has caused more issues.

Biggest issue being I’m obviously not logged in to the site I’m viewing, so for example Ars Technica is presented using their light theme instead of their dark theme.

Similarly, since the story is hosted on newsblur any custom CSS I have for newsblur such as a dark theme (as that is still not a built in function on the web) now applies to the story, usually with terrible results. Meanwhile custom CSS that should have been applied to the story is not as it is not on the expected domain.

Also break comments on a lot of sites.

Please go back to loading the original site or at least give me preference to do so.


Some sites bother me about ad consent every day. So dumb scripts are copied over but cookies doesn’t work properly?

The CSS for is completely missing in story view…