Story View / All Site Stories Problem ( Feed) rss feed (major German news site)…

Set it up a couple of days ago with the option to directly read the ‘story’ when the headline in the newsflow is clicked. It worked flawless for a couple of days, now the behavior changed and I always land in the ‘feed’ view. Has the direct view been blocked/blacklisted by

Together with this behavior I observed what I consider a bug in the ‘All site stories’ view. If I click on a ‘Spiegel’ headline I land in the ‘Feed’ view which also contains headlines of other feeds that I have configured to display in the ‘story’ view. When clicking on a ‘Spiegel’ headline and moving the mouse over the ‘Feed’ all ‘Spiegel’ headlines that the mouse moves over are marked as read and if the mouse pointer moves over another headline that is configured to be shown as ‘Story’ the view changes automatically to that story without clicking, which is very irritating.

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Yup, Story view is blocked by that publisher. I pushed out a change yesterday that shows that there is no original page.

Also, if you want a different behavior in the Feed view, just click on the mouse indicator nub (that red dorito on the left-hand side of the Feed view). That will lock it in place, causing it to only work on scroll and not just mouseover. I think that’s exactly what you’re looking for. :slight_smile: