Story mode returns 405

when I’m going through feed in Story mode, I get
{"message": "Invalid HTTP method. Use POST.", "code": -1}
It seemed to be a random issue as going back and forth loaded the story at the end. But in last 2 days it hits the error almost 100 % (maybe just some cache issue?). I exported HAR of the request with some “obfuscation” :slight_smile: - see pastebin (it will be available for 2 weeks). I hope this will help to pinpoint the problem of otherwise excelent service. Feel free to ask for details if I forgot any.

PS: you may want to remove some of the response headres like server version

I too have been receiving this error for … days? Has been easy enough to ignore by opening the story in a new window, but definitely throws off my flow.

Thanks for reporting this! I fixed the issue and found where it was happening in four other places. Infrastructure upgrades can be a pain!

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I also removed the Imperfect Proxy due to http over https warning. It wasn’t necessary and I found it distracting.

Great, seems to be working just fine now :+1: thank you.

I also am not seeing it anymore. Thanks Samuel!