Story mode broken - HTTPS issue?

For a little while now, Story Mode has been broken for me, for seemingly all feeds, on all of my machines. When I select a story with Story Mode active, I get a blank viewing pane.

Chrome’s dev console shows this error whenever I click on a story:

[blocked] The page at ‘…’ was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from ‘…’: this content should also be loaded over HTTPS.

To test my theory, I loaded Newsblur in a browser I knew wouldn’t implement this secure content policy (Epiphany Browser), and sure enough, Story Mode loaded just fine.

Newsblur may have to implement some sort of HTTPS proxy mechanism for Story Mode to continue working. I ask that you please fix this, as Story Mode was one of the biggest features that motivated me to switch to Newsblur, even before the Google Reader shutdown.

Edit: I see there are a couple of ways I can configure my own web browser to load insecure scripts: by clicking a button each time I return to Newsblur (a pain), or by globally allowing mixed content for all sites (a really bad idea).

Just wanted to note that I’m aware of these, and still consider the optimal solution “make Story Mode ‘Just Work’ ™ again”.

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So there is a way for me to fix this. It’s effectively the Original view, but on a per-story basis. It’ll be a bit slow, unfortunately, but it would work. I’m thinking about implementing it.

Otherwise, you can easily turn off mixed content warnings for Google “Chrome turn off mixed content”

I see there’s a way to disable mixed content blocking for all of Chrome, but that opens up security risks when I visit other sites. I don’t see a way to permit mixed content on a per-site basis, besides clicking the “allow it just this once” button that comes up the first time I try to view a story, but having to do that all the time is a pain. Not as much of a pain as no story mode at all, though.

Slow + no mixed content circumvention gimmicks sounds like a winner to me! Thanks!