Story headline keeps bold even I read it

Hello, as far as I remember, each unread story headline supposed to come with bold font and it will change to regular once I read it, however, currently headline keeps bold even I read stories and it happens in all feeds.
Is it relatable with recent redesign? Is “regular font headline after read” still available?

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That’s part of the new design. I realized it was distracting to have the story title change sizes when marking as read, since normal weight takes less space than bold weight.

You’re free to change it back with Custom CSS, which can be added under Manage > Account > Custom CSS a.story_title {
    font-weight: normal;

it’s true, that was a bit distracting, but now there’s not enough visual difference between read and hidden.

I’m open to design suggestions! Nothing is set in stone. My only principle here was to reduce distraction, but the difference between read and unread could still be improved. Post CSS snippets of your suggestions.

Your custom CSS worked well for me. Thanks Samuel.