Story curration and sharing.

On Google Reader there used to be an option to Share stories and they would be placed in a custom RSS feed specific to your user that you could share with your friends. Essentially your friends would subscribe to your Shared Items URL and they would get the stories you shared.

I thought this was great becuase you could currate stories for your friends really easily without posting them all to a social network.

I think a similar feature would be really cool for NewsBlur. Especially if in addition to an RSS feed URL for your shared stories you also provided a slick website URL to share with friends who could read your currated stories in a blog like interface.

Also, the ability to add notes when sharing a story is essential.


I’d enjoy this feature. I currently have cobbled something together to do this from Tumblr and Disqus for now. It’d be great if it were done in such a way that it worked both in newsblur and would allow us to share our comments and shares with other rss readers as well.

Yup, this is totally coming. My sincere hope is by New Year’s. If I pull a magic rabbit out of my hat, earlier. But I want this to be polished and ready for what I presume will be an onslaught of publicity and use.

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Just ‘picked up’ newsblur after beingdisappointed with the dreadful new Google reader interface. The sharing ability would be great for my purposes but otherwise so far so good - like the different views including the original page etc.

I’m currently considering netvibes and newsblur as Reader alternatives. If you get sharing in first, I’ll definitely choose newsblur.