"Story" and "Original" tabs broken

Broken for all feeds. Image is pretty self explanatory. It was working fine just an hour or so ago.

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Bump. This still isn’t fixed. I can select the “Original” and “Story” buttons when viewing *all* of my unread stories, but if I click on a particular website, then I can’t. Funny enough, it’s only broken on one website: DigiTimes. Here’s the feed: www.digitimes.com/rss/daily.xml

In all of my views the buttons have completely vanished :frowning:

Those views are greyed out because the original site has disabled them. If the buttons have vanished, it’s because you’re on List view, which only permits the Feed and Text views.

Now I’m confused, because I know I’m not insane, and that those tabs were working for me just fine earlier this week. What exactly do I have to do to be able to go through my DigiTimes articles one by one and have the full website render?

And what do you mean “the original site has disabled them”. This should be standard RSS feature. Load the header URL in an iframe, no?

This works just fine on other feeds, just not in DigiTimes.

I think NewsBlur has identified the site as an iframe buster, so it proactively disables them. That’s certainly the case with the BBC, pictured above. There should be tooltips that explain that, but I realize now that I broke them last week when I shipped the jQuery upgrade and it no longer has the .live() method. But that’s just the tooltip. The principle remains the same. Site doesn’t want an iframe, so I help you from shooting yourself in the foot by not loading the iframe, because it’s just going to take you out of newsblur.