Stories only going back two days

I’m using NewsBlur as kind of a cache to catch up with some information over weekends, etc. And I just noticed that some of my feeds were reset and have only stories starting with 23rd March, although yesterday it was ~160 posts, now it shows only 32.

This is very bad behavior from my point of view…

P.S. I’m not a free user

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. What are you seeing and what are you expecting? A full browser screenshot would also help!

And please include a url of the feed in question.

Feed Databricks - Stack Exchange

Yesterday feed had ~160 stories, with oldest one from ~2 weeks ago. Now I have only 32 stories, with oldest one is from 23rd March (2 days ago)

Is it this feed?

Looks like you’re not subscribing to it, so I can’t tell you for sure.

Also, know that if you want to keep every story from a site, you’ll want the NewsBlur Premium Archive subscription.

Here’s the code for handling how many stories to store: NewsBlur/ at master · samuelclay/NewsBlur · GitHub

You can get all of the values it uses from right-clicking on a feed and opening Statistics.

Ahh, reading the source reminded me that it’s probably this line:

if not pre_archive and read_stories_last_month == 0:

Which means that feed had 0 read stories in the last month, so it got trimmed. Premium Archive means you wont even have to read the feed to keep it at full size.

No. I definitely read stories in that feed last month, so either a bug in code or bug in statistics collection

@samuelclay it happened again on this feed: Databricks - Stack Exchange - yesterday there were ~100 unread stories, for last 2 weeks, and today it’s only 14 for last 3 days.

I’m really not happy about such behavior as service is very unreliable, and I can’t trust it anymore.