Stories not staying marked as read

I’ve been seeing this mostly with shared stories lately, but it’s been a problem off and on for a while. I’ll mark a story as read, move on, and an hour later it’ll be back and marked as unread.

For example, I’ve marked the beer can camp stove story that etiberius shared as read at least three times now:…

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This only occurs when reading shared stories? This was a solved issue a long time ago, and the solution was to never clear read stories when read on a blurblog.

I’ve been noticing it a lot over the past two or three days on shared stories, but I have noticed it in the past on other sites.

I’m sorry, but I’m not clear on your solution not never clear read stories. I only read them in the app or on the newsreader, I never go out to the blurblog itself.

I meant for the backend. You shouldn’t have to do anything special. I was wondering how you read the stories. Do you tap on somebody’s name/blurblog? Does this ever happen to stories in “All Site Stories” or a specific feed?

I tap on their name under shared stories, read whatever looks good and then mark all as read and they show as marked as read.

I do sometimes have stories under All Site Stories or a specific feed not mark as read, but now that I think about it, the behavior is slightly different. On Topless Robot and under my Geek folder, sometimes I’ll mark the entire folder as read and a few stories will remain as unread towards the bottom. I have to click on and open each story to have it mark as read. How Sweet It Is under my Food folder also does this on a semi-regular basis.