Stories keep appearing as unread in Yosemite

I just got a new Macbook, and even after I mark stories as read, when I return to the tab the same stories I just read are back in my feed. Anyone else having this problem? I imagine it getting pretty time consuming to have to keep marking the feed as read over and over.

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I have two computers on yosemite and have not experienced your issue, so might be something else besides Yosemite.

Hmm, ok - well I’ll cross that off the list! Any ideas of other reasons this could be happening?

Individual stories are being marked as read and then coming back as unread? It’s possible the requests are timing out. Do you know how to read the output of the developer console? That will tell you if the requests are timing out (it’ll be in red).

Otherwise, what browser are you using? And what extensions are installed?

Thanks Samuel - how do I read the developer console? I am using Firefox. I may not be able to test this right away - everything seems to be working fine on my work computer today (the problems were on a new personal computer).

I’m having various similar problems at home with my laptop on Comcast, but I have no problems at work with my laptop or two other Macs on another service provider. A puzzle.