Stories “expiring”

Is there a setting I can change so older stories that I have marked unread don’t expire and get automatically marked as read?

You could save them, they’ll still get marked as read but be available under the Saved header.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Premium Archive tier which lets you choose when stories are automatically marked as read. Don’t know what the options are but presumably far longer than the regular 30 days.


Well worth the money, in my opinion.

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Yep, Premium Archive ($99/year) is the way to go to choose when stories are marked as read.

With the archive tier, is there a way to make sure all backfilled stories are added as “unread” though? When I upgraded to the archive tier, the backfills ran, but all of the stories were added as “read” which made the backfill pretty useless since there’s no way to tell which stories are old but new to me and which I’d actually read.

Even when I add a new feed now, all stories older than 30 days are added in a “read” state.

In my settings, I have had the “automatically mark a story as read” setting set to never since before I upgraded to premium archive, but this is still happening

Am I just missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t recommend the premium archive tier until this works differently though. Even if I’ve been making a mistake to cause everything to be backfilled in a “read” state, and that’s not how things are supposed to work, there’s another issue. There’s no way to bulk mark stories as unread, but many ways to bulk mark stories as read. If you make any mistake with bulk marking as read, there’s no way to undo that or fix it later. The archive feature is a great idea, but this UX issue makes me unable to trust it for organizing my reading progress across thousands of stories.

If you would like, I can make a separate post for this. (If there’s no reply after a few weeks I’ll make a new post just to make sure the feedback made it to you. Don’t mean to be pushy, I can just never tell with forums whether a post slipped through the cracks or not :stuck_out_tongue:)