Stories automatically being marked as read

When I went to read my news feeds this morning, I noticed that there was nothing from the Knoxville newspaper feed:

The raw feed showed new items, so in Newsblur I switched filtering to All stories from my usual Unread and saw that the items had been grabbed by Newsblur but had automatically been marked read.

I’d like this not to happen :wink:

EDIT: Since posting this, a new item was posted to the feed and showed up as unread in Newsblur, so it may have been only a transient problem?

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Probably a problem with the feed. It happens when feeds are changed on the publisher’s side.

i have a kind of the the same problem with rss feed and smartdroid. I have these two in one folder. and both together always have 408 unread stories. if new storys are grabbed then older ones get marked as read without even opening the newsblur. Why are they getting marked automatically?

Maybe is there a setting that after one week a story is marked as read? maybee this could be the problem?