Starring said it worked when it didn't.

I was reading through a feed and starred an article in that feed.

I then went to another feed and got the “Oh no! There was an error!” message. Not really sure what that’s meant to convey but I pretty much always find I have to completely reload NewsBlur when that happens. Which is fine, these things happen. (It would be nice if I had some way to provide logging/debugging data when this happens so I can help reduce the frequency…)

But the article I just marked was not starred! Apparently the problem happened before I starred that article but the starring process didn’t pick up on the fact that the server had no idea I starred the article.

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I just launched the ‘Oh no!’ error, so it is extremely likely that I missed a spot and it is triggering incorrectly. If you can figure out why it’s happening (just let me know what you’re clicking on and why you think it might be happening) I’d be very grateful.

As for when starring doesn’t work, there are two possibilities. One is a server issue, which means I get an email with the exact reason, and another is a client issue, which means I never know. I can display an error message on a server issue, just to let you know (although I usually go in and manually do the work if the server fails).

I’d love to get this fixed soon, since I just launched the feature, but I’m afraid I’m not sure how to reproduce the issue. Any light you could shine as to why you got the original Oh No error would be greatly appreciated.

It was probably a session timeout. I’d left the window open all night, and this happened first thing. I was able to go through the stories in the feed I’d left open, and I starred one of them. When I went to another feed I got the “oh no” error… which, as I say, I think was a session timeout.

Reloading the site worked just fine in resolving that; my only problem is that the starring process hadn’t caught the error, and lead me to believe it had worked. If I hadn’t immediately suspected that it hadn’t worked, and checked, I wouldn’t have known until quite a bit later.