SSL for iOS App?


I’m one of the masses looking for an alternative to Google reader. So far, NewsBlur is my top choice! I really like that you can enable SSL by default with the web version, but I couldn’t find that setting in the iOS app.

So, here are my questions:

  1. Does the iOS app use SSL to send login information?
  2. Does the iOS app use SSL after login (i.e. to read news stories)?
  3. If the iOS app does not use SSL, is it something that’s planned for development?
  4. If there aren’t plans to support SSL in the iOS app, are there plans to make a version of NewsBlur that works in mobile web browsers (and that might support SSL)?

Thank you for developing NewsBlur – it looks really great! Even if the iOS app isn’t what I’m looking for in terms of SSL support, I think I’ve found my new desktop RSS reader!